Friday, March 31, 2006

Aerospace Consortium FZE

Remember this post and a firm calling itself Aerospace Consortium FZE, of Fujairah, that was mysteriously settling bills relating to entirely different firms in Kenya using Phoenix Aviation, Johnsons Air, GST Aero and Asterias Commercial planes to send mortar bombs to Liberia?

Take a look at this: not sure about sourcing, but a company of the same name involved in a fraud in Iraq.
Federal investigators in Texas were informed by a whistleblower that the extra 50 cents per kilogram of cargo that was supposedly imposed by Aerospace Consortium (which supplied aircraft to EGL) were in fact, phony. The charges were added to 379 air cargo shipments costing a total of $13.2 million over several months

Mike Lockhart, an assistant U.S. attorney in Beaumont, Texas, told CorpWatch that the investigators subpoenaed EGL, seeking information about the surcharges, and were given a letter from Aerospace Consortium explaining the reason for the charges. The documents “looked very suspicious, not what you would expect to see at all,” he said. The charter company was also unable to provide any evidence of the insurance increase.

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Anonymous said...

of course the guys behind this Aerospace Consortium FZE have criminal cases pending upon them in India also. They forged Emabssy documnets to operate cargo charter flights to India. Since all the orders are given by corrupt officials and they work only through such criminals. Even UN accredits them for there cargo movement. Because they give them huge kickbacks. We know how corrupt the UN beuracrats are.

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