Thursday, April 06, 2006

Action time.

Really pissed off about the vomitous, turdridden herd of diseased bloodsucking rat-swine that masquerades as our government? Seriously? Do you live in Englefield Green East? Well, now's your chance to do something about it. On May the 4th, you could vote for me as your Liberal Democrat councillor.

There's a thought. TYR embarks on the Long March through the Institutions. If elected, which is unlikely due to the amorphous doughy strength of home-counties toryism, I promise to resist all efforts to make Runnymede Council services conditional on the production of ID cards, oppose further Heathrow expansion beyond existing plans, press for the council to take advice from our colleagues in Woking on running the council as an environmentally sensible organisation, and promote real policing rather than endless CCTV proliferation.

Sounds good to you? Vote for me. And while you're here, why not contribute to the campaign? I can spend, I think, up to £600. If there's more I promise to spend the surplus on beer. Now there's a political promise you can rely on.

1 comment:

MatGB said...

Thought you might like to know, I've had 7 separate people view my post linking here today, all Googling for your district name. Good luck and all that...

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