Friday, March 31, 2006

5A-DKR Destroyed

One of the Jetline International-run Ilyushin 62 jets, 5A-DKR ex. RA-86554, has been destroyed in an accident at Moscow (Domodedovo). Apparently the aircraft, which came in from Tripoli for overhaul, overran the runway and came to rest 500 metres off-airport, breaking into three parts. Crew are safe. Interestingly, the Il-62s and other large aircraft at Jetline haven't been transferred to the new JetEx Flight Support/MIA Airlines flag - and JACDEC still has it with the Community of Sahel States (Cen Sad).

How odd. In other news, I'm sure a lot of people would like to know just how Silverback Cargo Airways got a special permit to fly from the Belgian CAA, despite the Swedish maintenance engineers refusing to sign off, so their DC-8 9XR-SC (sn 46068) could skip town on the 25th just ahead of the EU black list. It wasn't about the maintenance regulations really, was it?

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