Sunday, March 05, 2006

Firedump: A6-ZYD

From the Sharjah Airport online arrivals boards:

05-Mar 10:24 Kabul Flying Dolphin Airlines FDN 612 Estimated : 10:24

Flying Dolphin Airlines is an original-gangster Viktor Bout operation that officially doesn't exist any more, having been reorganised into the supposedly legit "Dolphin Air". FDN is on the UNSCR 1532 blacklist, unlike Dolphin Air, and here it is operating openly.

One aircraft only is known to be active with FDN, as well as several on lease to Iraqi Airways, Phoenix Aviation/AVE and Ishtar. That is the Boeing 707-3J6C, serial number 20718/872, registered in the UAE A6-ZYD, so presumably that was the one that did the Kabul run this morning. If it's FDN, it's gotta go.

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