Thursday, March 16, 2006

Darwin's Nightmare in the Suburbs

Kieran "Crooked Timber" Healy batters a prediction that U.S. religious conservatives are fated to outbreed the effete eurodhimmisexofascist coastals into the middle of next week. Well. It's an interesting thought, as many point out in the comments, that (even hypothetically) the funders of creationist themeparks might succeed through Darwinism.

It's also the basis, I think, for a good science-fiction story; the science-dodgers triumph by outreproducing their foes (enter Handmaid's Tale-esque dystopia here), but then, fatally compromised by their own rejection of rationality, are themselves outcompeted economically by the Chinese/Brazilians/Indians/whoever gets to be Top Nation in our particular scenario exercise, thus providing the essential tragic emotion. Exactly the feature that permitted their initial evolutionary success dooms them in the longer term (hence the title..I still haven't seem the film, by the way)

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