Friday, March 10, 2006

Firedump: A Kill? (Updated)

Doug Farah is reporting that UAE authorities have grounded Irbis Air Company's planes. No details as yet, but this could be big news. Stay tuned...

Well, if you did stay tuned, as well as reports from the UAE that Irbis aircraft have been seized, you will be pleased to know that the 3C-QRF file has been reopened! Soj has the details via a Romanian TV report. The Romanian foreign ministry is apparently asking the Ministry of Transport for details.

Appparently, Jetline International told the Romanians that (as Carlos thinks) the plane was intended for spare parts, but it was maintained by Romavia (although the report is ambiguous). Interestingly, Jetline seems to have claimed to have bought the aircraft from "an African country" two years ago. Certainly it's spent time in Africa, but someone is fibbing as its last registration before the Equatorial Guinea 3C- one was P4-CBH, also for Jetline, in Aruba. Before that it was N128CF, with the Detroit Red Wings. (Some sort of rounders team, I'm told.)

Thanks to everyone who's helped so far..

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