Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lutyens vs. Packet Switching

Martin Geddes has a picture of a BT local telephone exchange (central office for yanks) in Cherry Hinton near Cambridge. His point is that all the kit that once went in the building is now in a small green metal box just outside it. My point is that the building is a fine example of good mundane architecture, like the 1920s tube stations-although rather than art deco, this one has a definite Edwin Lutyens touch.

Pity nobody builds anything like that any more. Further example - not far from my home is an old school in cracking scaled-down neo-Gothic, with several different shades of brick. It has of course been converted into flats. Across the road is a newer school which is absurdly ugly and, it's safe to say, will never meet the same fate.

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