Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Staid and Ossified Elite

It's that blog awards time again. The Bloggies are up, and does anyone else feel they are just a bit dull? The winners are:
Best Blog Application: Blogger.
Best Asian Blog: Tokyo Girl
Best ANZAC Blog: Loobylu
Best Middle Eastern Blog: Baghdad Burning
Best European Blog: My Boyfriend is a Twat
Best UK/Irish Blog: Girl with a One-Track Mind
Best Latin American Blog: Cooking Diva
Best Canadian Blog: Photojunkie
Best American Blog: PostSecret
Best Tagline: Joshuaink.com
Best Podcast: The Movie Blog
Best Photos: Flickr
Best Craft Blog: Makeblog
Best Food Blog: Vegan Lunchbox
Best Entertainment Blog: Go Fug Yourself
Best Political Blog: Wonkette
Best Webdev Blog: Problogger
Best Tech Blog: Slashdot
Best Topical Blog: PostSecret
Best Gay Blog: Queerty
Best Teenage Blog: It's Raining Noodles
Most Humorous: Overheard in New York
Best Writing: Go Fug Yourself (the title is a disqualifier in my book, but..)
Best Group Blog: BoingBoing
Best Community Blog: PostSecret
Best Design: Joshuaink.com
Best Kept Secret: Needcoffee.com
Best New Blog: PostSecret
Lifetime Achievement: BoingBoing
Best Blog: PostSecret

Well, what a lot of conservative cop-out bollocks. It's like blog awards for people who don't read blogs. Isn't giving BoingBoing.net an award a bit obvious? Is Wonkette really, hand on heart, the best political blog around? Or just the most profitable? When was there last any news there?

And since when has Slashdot been a blog anyway? Equally, My Boyfriend is a Twat has had as many awards as I've had hot dinners (and doesn't really do anything non-UK, so shouldn't be in the European category). PostSecret is fun, but not that new, and surely not the best blog in the world.

The recipe for a Bloggie is clear: be commercial, be anglophone, be anodyne. Pats on the back will be exchanged.

And does anyone else think the $200 worth of graphic design for Riverbend is, well, insulting while the mortar bombs come howling in and the fake policemen roam through the streets? Graphic design. I ask you.

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