Tuesday, March 07, 2006


No.3 official at the CIA under investigation over ties with Brent Wilkes and the Randall Cunningham corruption scandal. Laura Rozen hears from a "source":
And what were the forthcoming contracts for? According to a source, they were to create and run a secret plane network, for whatever needs the CIA has for secret fleets of planes. Presumably, that might include "extraordinary renditions," e.g. to fly terror suspects off the radar to locations for interrogation. "I Imagine that since their whole flying operation has been outed, it makes it tough to operate clandestine flights," the source explained. "I bet it would cost a bundle to set up a whole new operation that no one knew about ... How do they operate a secret fleet of aircraft now that everyone knows about the planes we have? If I were high up in the CIA, this would be a big priority for me, and I would need a solution outside the normal range of solutions." Enter trusted contractor Brent Wilkes and Archer Logistics, and perhaps a whole new front company to be invented for the purpose.
Fascinating. Now read this from NBC: link
As logistics chief at the CIA's main base near Frankfurt, Germany, Kyle (Dusty) Foggo sat at the crossroads of agency operations. Operatives and VIPs passed through, and former top spies say Foggo was customarily on hand to greet them. After Porter Goss took over as CIA director, many agency veterans were astonished when the former House intel chair chose Foggo, a midranking bureaucrat, to become CIA executive director, the agency's third-ranking official, responsible for day-to-day operations. Insiders attributed his rise to his mastery of office politics. But Foggo's glad-handing has raised awkward questions. Federal prosecutors have accused (as an unindicted co-conspirator) one of Foggo's closest friends, San Diego businessman Brent Wilkes, of participating in a scheme to bribe Randall (Duke) Cunningham, the GOP congressman from San Diego who resigned his seat after pleading guilty to federal corruption and tax charges.
Logistics chief "near Frankfurt", eh? Rhein-Main Airport near, you mean...

I wonder if this might have something to do with Sky Traffic Facilitators, the recipient of the one TBTC- series DESC fuel contract we never tied to an aircraft? Keen observers will note that they still have their DESC fuel card, although they don't own any aircraft. STF is a charter broker whose only named representative is a Russian film star. The other names in the series TBTC- (Air Bas, Irbis, Falcon Express, and Jetline) we all traced to VB-associated airlines. Only Sky Traffic remained opaque. And Irbis Air Company, despite being on both the US Department of the Treasury's "Viktor Bout Business Empire" org chart and the UNSCR1532 blacklist, is still getting its taxpayer-funded kerosene!

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