Wednesday, March 22, 2006

VAACing hell!

If this post worried or angered you, fear not. Our best man is on the case. Defence Procurement Minister Lord Drayson, no less, is heading the negotiations on F-35 technology transfer and RR workshare.

That's the Lord Drayson who gave Labour £100,000 and got a huge government contract, then a peerage, and then gave Labour another £500,000. As the Wu-Tang Clan would put, cash rules everything around me. Right. Well, it could be a good thing, I suppose - ruthless, amoral, hardnosed, speaks the language of power. Imagine the scene: Drayson, Karl Rove, Lockheed aerospace bureaucrat.

"We have to reiterate our concsugggh.." Drayson grips the Bureaucrat by the tie. "Right. It's the codes, or we drop the order, kill the lift fan contract, pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and sell the VAAC software to France, Iran and North Korea. That means no JSFs for the Marines - you know you've never been able to engineer anything VTOL. Do we have a deal? Well? Well? Where's my money, pigfucker?"

Blood drips onto the Axminster. Rove's little eyes roll up in his head. He's never been able to stand the sight of violence..

Nah. More likely Drayson's just another incompetent placeman who bought a peerage.

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