Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Robot Football, Radical Feminists

Here we have the site of some Swedes and their football-shaped robot, designed for planetary exploration and being commercialised for security patrolling. There's an interesting video. Via Schockwellenreiter. Also check out this (German) report on a similar NASA project, a large white sphere blown by the wind across Antarctica...does anyone feel that they watch The Prisoner too often in robotics research?

You will be pleased to know that according to Spacefem's test (via Philobiblion, who also have the most extreme Friday catblogging incident on record)....
The Ranter is 60% feminist.

Well, it's good to have some relief from the usual excessively butch climate of this blog (you know - macroeconomics, terrorists, mystery jets, total absence of catblogging). Perhaps it was the ranting wot did it.

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