Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Read This Now. Now, I Tell You!

Steve Gilliard on Dr. Gonzo, blogging, journalism and the economics of bad writing. Then, read the comments too. It's bloody brilliant. And it also leads on nicely to an interesting new project: the Blogger News Network at The plan is to build a big-media style site fed by a, well, news network, of, well, bloggers. Looking at the staff they have already gathered, it would seem to be a wonderfully disputatious and noisy outfit. There's me, and there's Richard North. There's some guy raving about Howard Dean "insulting blacks and Republicans", and there's someone editorialising that America is becoming a fascist state. This could either be great, or like the Guardian opinion page edited by Hunter S. Thompson's ghost, with contributors paid in crack cocaine.

It's certainly going to be interesting, especially when the site gets more interactivity. (No comments/reviewing or RSS at the moment, but I'm sure that will change.)

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