Friday, February 18, 2005

Bloody hell!

I've only been watching the Great Gannon Hunt in passing, but this is amazing: it is said he knew about the opening of the Iraq invasion four hours beforehand. Now this is even more important than the link makes out: H-hour in Iraq was brought forward by 24 hours at the last moment, because of an intelligence report that Saddam Hussein was at a particular location in Baghdad. An airstrike was laid on to attack the fleeting target, which failed in its mission. The decision was taken, though, to start the advance into southern Iraq anyway as the game was now given away. This was closely held information to say the least, if that is what the story refers to. Note that the so-called "Shock and Awe" bombardment of Baghdad began three days into the war (presumably it was originally intended to be two days before the change of plan). But the bombing wasn't announced as such; Bush's big address was to announce the beginning of the war, after the F-117 raid on the presumed location of Saddam.

This could be a killer if true. Recapping other developments, since I blogged on Gannon/Guckert's claim to have entertained Tony Blair a variety of new stuff has appeared - for example, naked photos and reviews - glowing reviews - of "Jeff"'s performance as a stud on a site devoted to such client feedback. Further, more information emerged about his ties to other Republican Party organisations and about the bizarre fact that he was a regular visitor to press briefings at the White House before his website even existed. (well, his news website..)

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