Friday, February 11, 2005

Briefing for Today

Right, I've decided to have more structure in day-to-day bloggage here, so we'll begin today with a short briefing.

G-1 (Admin/Personnel): Work begins today on another new Ranter template option. When complete it will be on my testblog for user comments. The first one has now been definitively junked after unfavourable feedback.

G-2 (Intelligence): Is there a British angle to the Jeff Gannon story? Interesting fallout from the release of Black Wednesday files. Recap on ID cards. And more.

G-3 (Operations): The UK Today/Bloggerheads crowd have opened their latest campaign, Backing Blair. On other fronts, the ID Cards Bill has now headed into the House of Lords, where it will die. Die, I tell you!

G-4 (Logistics): Can it be true that no-one has ever in the history of the blog used the donate button? Be aware that the new template might include advertising if there is no progress on this key issue.

The rest are all operations-normal for the moment.

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