Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Do They Got the Intuhweb in Europistan?

My referral log informs me that several people have come this way from a thread on, the web's home of rabidly rightwing trolls. Will I give them the dignity of a link? Pah, it can't do any harm. You can go and read, here. Obviously, I wouldn't want anyone to take that as encouragement to register over there and start baiting them with offensive nonsense. No sir. But frankly, have you seen the state on these people?
"They need to focus on issues that bother Britons about their liberal government. Let them moan about what bothers them but guide the threads toward conservative solutions. The heart of the lion still beats in Britain and I believe that they will surprise the world. I really think that once the British start thinking about solutions and that any truck driver, teacher, soldier or mechanic is free to offer them, they will get very excited. To give an example, there is a home tobacco growing forum and wine making site in England which is in essence a discussion forum site. The person who runs it started it due to the burdens and restrictions imposed on the common man by the government. The site focuses on solutions to topic related problems. The moderator is both strict and encouraging to his members. I know just from visiting that site that the British can run one heck of a discussion forum with much humor and grace. I look forward to visiting a good conservative British site in the future."
Well, whadddayaknow? Those little English can run a discussion forum! Bless their mother lovin' cotton socks! God hell, the voice of our colonial masters speaks! Could it possibly get any more patronising? I mean, really, truly, has humanity just reached the summit of condescension?

It gets worse, though. For some reason, they see fit to post half the blogroll from Fistful of Euros, including me. They also seem to think that you need to crawl under a flaming limbo bar (or something) to get the internet in Britain. Sigh...the last time I checked I think broadband uptake is higher in the UK. But, hell, they are faith based.

And can it be true that they haven't heard of the Conservative Party? No, they seem to think that conservatism would be a brand new import to the UK. Oh, for fuck's sake.

Rant switch to safe, please.

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