Saturday, February 12, 2005

Morning (just) Briefing

Starting with the admin, please note that the comments service is unavailable. I have been promised that it will soon return.

G2: There's some follow-up on the Ivory Coast/Israel arms story we covered over at Ha'aretz. More semi-results have appeared from the Iraqi elections, we shall be having a look to see if the prediction I published is still good. The Moscow Times reports that India's minister of energy has been in town after a stake in Yukos's assets. Oh, and a source checks in with Bout information.

G3: Abu Aardvark has an interesting analysis of a night's telly on three Arabic stations (al-Jaz, al-Arabiya and al-Hurra). With an interesting sidelight on the $300 million flight affair. The Gannon/Guckert story progresses further as he is outed as a tax evader and a member of a crazy-arsed militia website.

G4: Did I mention the donate button?

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