Tuesday, February 01, 2005


The Periscope has the following comment on a post about Moldova:
"The communist President Vladmir Voronin, is afraid of war, he is not the actual Warlord of the situation, compared to the Board of Directors, he is sitting privately anticipating his own thoughts of crime? I only meant he is a practicing magician of Russian Regions in territory. They have lost observation, and are only looking to Self Proclaim their republic as the most Adorable walks of time. How wonderful for them to consider, (SELF) proclaiming.
It is rather his right to self proclaim not war, but the success of Troop, to affiliate his own Self Proclaimed Troop, as Privates only to the EU. His ROTC, is afraid of secularization, consecration and complete Repatriation for everything meant for Igor Smirnov. It could of been exciting to see him further the war on terror, and completely deface the every effort of the EU, it was not true for conversion in Permanent Decrees of Civilian. Most of these Civilians are only awaiting the losses of Government Decisions, to decide their own Northern affair, and Southern Appeal, they only wanted to listen and be rewarded as European Meritorius Allegiance in Anthem and Agenda."

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