Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More on the Falcone arrest

The Arizona Daily Sun has a newsful report on Sonia Falcone's arrest, including this:

In the courtroom Friday, Falcone swiveled in her chair, the restraints on her designer jeans occasionally chinking just above her high heels.
Donning my journalistic blue cellophane shade, munching a cheese sandwich washed down with scotch and smoking three cigarettes, I call that a killer sentence.

Unlike Richard Chichakli, she seems unlikely to levant any time soon...

Court Magistrate David K. Duncan released Falcone on Friday after federal agents seized her passport, green card, and the passports of her three children. Duncan ordered Falcone to pay a $50,000 secured bond by the end of Tuesday, and prohibited her from leaving the state.
I wonder if Pierre's packing his bags? Immigration News Daily has more.

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