Saturday, February 18, 2006

Comments Spam

There has been a certain amount of comments spam advertising a variety of sites that claim to sell hotel rooms. It comes in, of course, from a wide range of IPs around the world belonging to insecure PCs. As usual, the best way to deal with most Internet annoyances is the economic way: target the advertisers. The sites are all registered to the following address in Florida:
20 SW 27th Ave.
Suite 201
Pompano Beach
The telephone number is +1.9549848445. Naturally, I wouldn't want anyone to ring up the employees of Moniker Privacy Services on that line. And I'd be fucking furious were anyone to waste their paper, toner etc by sending really long documents to their fax number, which is +1.9549699155.

So:,,,,,,, are all a bunch of spamming pig shaggers. And what's more, you are all served by the nameservers and NS1.TRAVEL-HOST.NET is on IP address, and NS2.TRAVEL-HOST.NET is at

Both of those IPs belong to Crowley Data Poland z.o of ul. Stawki 2, Warsaw, 00193, and Grzegorz Swiderek and one Przemyslaw Mujta are responsible for them. Phones are +48 22 4273333 and +48 22 860 69 60, fax +48 22 860 67 96.

Any network ops people reading this: go on, null route them. You know you want to.

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Anonymous said...

Alex, mate, spamming is never OK, not even as vigilante justice for spammers.

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