Saturday, February 18, 2006

DSR: Best Yet?

I am the third highest result on Yahoo! UK for "illegal penis enlargement operations in the Philippines", which is about as sleazy as it's possible to get. Penis enlargements...illegal penis enlargements..illegal penis enlargements in the Philippines.

What the searcher was probably after was this story from the Taipei Times of August 26, 2005...
Penis enlargements probed

Prison officials were conducting an investigation into reports of rampant illegal penis enlargement operations in the Philippines' national penitentiary, a news report said yesterday. The Philippine Star newspaper said the probe was triggered by complaints of some inmates who suffered infections after they underwent the procedure. The operation, which involves injecting petroleum jelly into the penis, was allegedly being performed by a maximum-security inmate who has a medical background in epidemiology. The procedure reportedly costs between 100 to 300 pesos (US$1.78 to US$5.36). But one inmate who admitted undergoing the penile enlargement procedure refused to file a complaint against the suspect, claiming that the operation has enhanced his marital bliss.
Well. I'm not sure what to say, except that Kathryn Cramer's blog has a category for Dumb Body Modification and this would appear to fit the bill.

In other search request news, everyone and their dog is googling for pictures of Sonia Falcone, Brazilian ex-model, rather unconvincing spokeswoman for the Latino poor, and (crucially) wife of French arms dealer and wannabe Republican, Pierre Falcone. Anyone know why?

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Anonymous said...

Sonia is being charged with immigration violation by the US department of justice

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