Friday, February 17, 2006

Arms and Influence

Kingdaddy's Arms and Influence is one of the best blogs around. Check out this post on the US military's problem with management consultant speak (itself essentially IT-speak with the clue taken out). It's a relief someone else noticed it - for example, when I read Sean Naylor's Not a Good Day to Die, I was astonished by the degree to which consultant gabble and poorly understood computerese had infected the official mind. Here was a general who put a subordinate with no land warfare experience, but plenty of hours on the C-130, in charge of a land battle because it was good for his "personal development". Here were officers convinced they knew even more than the people nearer the battlefield because they had so much bandwidth for the UAV video feeds - the cardinal mistake, for one thing, of confusing the layer 2 (data link) position with the layer 4 (application) and above questions of where intelligence, power, and authority resided in the system.

Check out KD's comprehensive lecture course (I kid you not) on unconventional warfare.

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