Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cramer Under Pressure

Kathryn Cramer is under some unwelcome pressure from a PR flunkey for the UN force in Haiti after her series on the activities of a bizarre bunch of mercenaries calling themselves "Consultants Advisory Group" down there. Specifically, one David Wimshurst at MINUSTAH headquarters responded to an inquiry from her side with a very unpleasant slab of legal spam threatening, essentially, "I shall do such things, I know not what, but they shall be the terrors of the earth!" as in King Lear and accusing her of doctoring a PowerPoint slide that referred to old friends TopCat Maritime Security.

Wimshurst, frankly, deserves nothing but contempt. If, as he makes out, the whole thing is being got up to discredit the UN, why not open with the world and put the evidence out there? What has he got to hide? I think he needs to come clean with what he wants to allege - does he really think that Kathryn is the spearhead of a conspiracy by rightwing ex-US officers to discredit the Brazilian-led UN force and prepare the road for Aristide's return? What more bizarre nonsense could be imagined?

Alternatively, the documents are genuine, and the CAGsters are working with (ironically enough) Lula's army against the pro-Aristide chimérés. And Mr. Wimshurst? Aufklärung tut dringend not.

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