Sunday, November 07, 2004

Voting Weirds: Florida

The Daily Kos is on the case again, and this time it's Florida that is having fun with maths. It appears, with the first sets of actual numbers in, that more people cast votes for Presidential candidates than voted at all. Not just that, but there is a mysterious surge in Republican votes in counties where as many as 75% of the registered voters are Democrats. Eh? You can get the data here: I feel your stats! (mystery voters), surge. A Florida Congressional candidate claims to have proof of computer hacking of the central tabulator and that he was "waiting for the FBI to show up." I hope that means he actually called them, but he is also quoted as saying some very odd stuff. According to a weirdo UFO site (, I'm not going to link them), he claims that "delinquents" were being trained in jail to manipulate the elections. My arse.

I'd be interested to know if he really said this and if he is quoted anywhere else, because I can well imagine a right-wing wingnut site trying to false flag the story.

There's loads more of this stuff available at the Kos, so I will simply advise readers to get it there. The blogosphere is doing a job of work on this, as does Greg Palast, here.

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