Sunday, November 21, 2004


Another business opportunity rebuilding the new Iraq: probably the world's most lucrative taxi service. If you need to get into Baghdad from the airport (or more importantly the other way round), £2,750 now buys you a ride. That's a car and driver for you, and a chase car with four South African mercenaries toting Heckler & Koch MP5s. You won't have much chance to get your bearings, though, as they will drive at 100mph without stopping at all. A service, I feel, that London is missing.

When you think, though, that the Royal Jordanian flight from London to Baghdad costs only £670 one way, you have to wonder who's getting adequately compensated. Gunmen, after all, are two a penny in Iraq. Perhaps some of the £2,750 is being paid out to the local emir for reinsurance? One would hope so. Alternatively, you can hail an Iraqi cab for $20 and bring your own firearms. There's always something to be said for being inconspicuous, but then if it was reliable the price would probably go up.

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