Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Ukraine: Dark Rumour from the Echo Chamber

The Periscope is reporting (excellently) on the Ukrainian situation, and has stated that Russian special forces (Spetsnaz) are actually in Ukraine. If true this is of course a critical fact of the highest order. I wonder though if a 1968 solution is really possible? The reports speak of Spetsnaz in Ukrainian uniform and (seemingly) integrated with Ukrainian units. This sounds to me like a rumour, being amplified through the blogosphere as echo-chamber. One version of the story has Ukrainian police outside the presidential administration telling the public that the Russians were inside the building, ready to shoot anyone who tried to get in. That could well be a scare story, but a lot of the Russian-soldier reports seem to agree on places and numbers.

On a more positive theme, Ukrainian Spetsnaz guarding the presidential administration are supposed to have donned the orange and to be fraternising with the demonstrators (see post below..). Further, some officers on the general staff are said to have called on cadets from the Kiev military academy to join the demo. No verification, though.

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