Monday, November 15, 2004

It's not about body counts. It never is

It's about control. And we don't have it. An oil pipeline from the northern Iraqi oilfields to the main refinery in Baiji was blown up, and what happened?
"The secondary pipeline about 60km west of Kirkuk, which carries oil to refineries in the city of Baiji, was bombed at around 3am (0000 GMT) on Monday, said police officer Sahim Muhammad.

The attack triggered a huge blaze, but firefighters were kept away because Iraqi fighters had warned of dire consequences if they intervened, he said."
I know there are parts of Bradford where people find it amusing to start fires so they can attack the firemen, but this is very not good. They - whoever the they is, as Rumsfeld puts it - have the psycho-political control.

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