Monday, November 01, 2004

E-voting at Risk - Computerworld

E-vote at Risk - Computerworld

As I'm sure you're all aware, electronic voting systems present us with complicated and desperately important technological and political challenges. But frankly, what's the point of arguing about verification, paper trails, electronic audit trails, public key encryption and the like when
""Maryland refuses to put a firewall on servers that are connected via dial-up modems," he says. "They refuse to upgrade the Windows 2000 operating system with the latest security patches—they were 16 patches behind in January of this year.""

Probably they haven't finished scraping the Tipp-Ex off the screen from the last time they used MS Word... Seriously, my father recalls a Home Office IT official who told him sometime in the early 1990s that "Windows is just a passing fad". Clearly, the public sector's computer blindspot is a global phenomenon.

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