Sunday, June 13, 2004

When Voters Attack

To my horror I see I was very, very wrong about the local elections, specifically the BNP contribution. Looks like I spoke too soon. Poor Bradford will have to put up with some four fascists. Worst of all, one of them was elected for Keighley West! This is a shocker, as back in the riot summer of 2001 when northern towns were burning with the help of the BNPers, Keighley remained calm - despite being almost the design classic of a northern BNP target, a Pennine mill town with high unemployment, a large Asian population and a tradition of Labour Party dominance and only a few miles over the dales from Burnley.

But now I suppose Kly will just have to suffer, especially as there's another paki-basher next door in Worth Valley. Sithee, Tony, thas allus bin a twat, but this'ere tops the bloody lot. Tha wants to get thi thumb outer thi arse an bugger off back to wheer thi bloody cum from fore I bray yer! (It's reet pity there's no HTML tag for "mark this text Yorkshire".)

I'm off to see if I can work up some enthusiasm for this war. Bastards.

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