Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Official - ASLEF president hit woman, thumped gen sec

Mind you, this is funny enough to be worth blogging. The TUC's report into the drunken brawl at the ASLEF barbecue is out.
"After about half an hour the general secretary physically removed the president from the decking on which the bar becue had taken place," says the report.

"The general secretary was in the process of taking the president towards the back door at No 7 Arkwright Road [union-owned flats] when they met Ms Atkinson, who was at the time returning from the bathroom.

"The president struck Ms Atkinson on the mouth as she attempted to pass by him."

Unpleasant behaviour. I'm sure the politics had something to do with it, but it's no surprise that
"The panel uncovered "a very drink and pub-related culture within Aslef" and admitted that "memories may have been clouded by alcohol"."


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