Sunday, June 27, 2004

First Clues on UKIP's real policy

What You Can Get Away With - Nick Barlow's weblog

It appears that UKIP's Nick Croucher has very clear ideas on the content of that "free trade agreement" they think we could have with the EU in the event of withdrawal. Apparently he's only going "to Europe" (eh? he's standing on it!) in order to fill the back of his 4x4 with "cheap fags and booze". What a surprise. Ukipper drives gas guzzler, avoids taxes. Now, however, we can begin to pencil in some detail for that agreement on the basis of the 'kippers' own behaviour. Clearly, there would be no possibility of tobacco or alcohol sales being subject either to the EU external tariff or to the old UK Customs regime (one bottle of spirits, 25 mechanical lighters and how much perfume was it?). After all, that would seriously harm our Nick's booze cruises. And any restriction on the movement of capital or land ownership is clearly out given Kilroy Slick's Portuguese hacienda.

So - no possibility of reimposing duty on imports of drink and fags. Could have some consequences for their budget proposals. But so long as Nick gets his cheap Marlboros and piss-weak Saint Omer beer multipacks from the East Enders Hypermarket, all is good...

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