Friday, June 11, 2004

Popular creativity

On my way to Big London yesterday, sitting in a slow train (and on South West Trains that's really slow). About Hounslow way a school trip of girls was loaded into the carriage. Or should that be poured? I feared the worst and prepared to go into mindless tube mode, eyes blank, brain emptier, but they didn't do anything too noisy.

Until a black bloke with dreads got on the train. They decided to sing him their own version of Outkast's Hey Ya!. In three part harmony. They kept it up until the last verse, when they broke up in giggles and began discussing their performance. (Hmm, reflexive practice in a learning organisation!) Tech note - one of them broadcast the whole thing down a mobile phone to some pal somewhere. The chap ignored them completely, reading a tab with a headline something like Terror Wife Found Hanging.

Sorry about this excursion into personal blogging cliche. At least it wasn't about cats.

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