Friday, June 18, 2004

Privatised beatings - a criminal charge at last

Civilian Charged In Beating of Afghan Detainee (

A privately employed interrogator has been charged with assault over the case of an Afghan man who was beaten to death during three days of interrogation. According to a "source", the CIA men then tried to blame the army:
"Immediately after Wali's death, he said, the CIA personnel left the base by helicopter. The soldier later learned that the CIA station chief in Kabul had been told that Special Forces troops had killed the man, according to the military source and an official in Washington. When the Special Forces team threatened to make the case public, the military source said, the CIA personnel admitted what had happened. An intelligence official in Washington yesterday called that allegation "flat wrong"."
Apparently this chap was thrown out of the police in 1990 after being charged with a violent offence. Damn, they really know how to recruit.

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