Wednesday, June 09, 2004

From the referrer log

The Ranter is the no.1 Google result for "monkey arrest frenchman yorkshire". And for "yorkshire wurlitzer". And no.8 for "quasi government in yorkshire". I could have sworn that I'd never used the word wurlitzer, but it seems that back last November I did.

But who the hell searched for "male belly bulging"? We are result number 12! I feared the worst, but most of the results concern either tropical fish or the tactics employed to get rid of a beer belly. Someone else was trying (as far as I know without success) to trace the dirty stories Alistair Campbell wrote for Forum magazine under the pseudonym "Riviera Gigolo". If you read this and you did track them down, were they any good? And I can understand searching for recipes or for "Lord Brocket fraud", but why both? And I certainly don't recall writing anything about Sir Clowdesley Shovell, who sailed the fleet into the Scilly Isles and was murdered by a wrecker after his jewels. But Shovell fans out there in user land keep rocking up.

Finally, the person who searched for "classical conservative thought" really had come to the wrong place.

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