Wednesday, February 25, 2004

XHTML 1 validation - what is the point?

In the interests of good practice, I recently had this blog checked with an XHTML 1.0 validator - only to discover that there were supposedly 463 errors (57 pages of printout) in it. But it worked. Now, after several days of poring over the code, the error count is down to 308 and we have lost the clock. Changing everything back has not restored it. Further, the validator throws a wobbly every time it encounters a blockquote tag , but the replacement (q) doesn't actually work, hence all the neatly arranged quotes in the Ranter passim have gone odd.

So - what is the point? The closer to standard, the worse the performance. And the fact that the first 16 errors occur in code that isn't in my template - in fact, that can only be in the banner ad - is simply ridiculous. If we must have ads, can they not inflict dodgy code on us?

PS: now down to 271...

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