Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Rybkin - he didn't re-appear, then.

The Russian presidential candidate Ivan Rybkin, who disappeared in mysterious circs on Friday shortly after registering his candidacy, has not re-appeared as his backer Boris Berezovsky suggested he might. From the Moscow Times:
"Gennady Gudkov, a member of the State Duma security committee, said Monday afternoon that security service officials had told him that Rybkin might have been located at a sanatorium in Odintsovo, just west of Moscow.

Calls to the sanatorium indicated that Rybkin had never been there. The presidential administration, which owns the sanatorium, also denied Rybkin had ever been there.

Gudkov later retracted his statement, saying that his sources might have been joking."

Well, that's clear then. At the same time, a murder investigation was opened and then reclosed. The weirdness shows no sign of abating, but at least you can't take guns into parliament any more.

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