Thursday, February 26, 2004

US airport security staff "X-ray own brains" - Story

Some of the Transportation Security Administration's highly trained security screeners have taken their zeal for total security one step further by apparently attempting to make sure terrorists were not hiding in their heads. Or something.

"The Transportation Security Administration is not saying exactly who x-rayed themselves or when because of privacy reasons, but a source tells 9NEWS the six screeners were working at passenger checkpoints when they decided to x-ray their own bodies.

Like a piece of luggage, the screeners would have rolled down the conveyor belt into the opening, about 2.5 feet high and a foot and a half wide.

"There's enough training, enough education available in the public domain, let alone the circumstances of the TSA, to know this is a foolhardy thing to do,” said David Forbes, president of Boydforbes, Inc. “The questions that come out of this though are - what is the level of supervision?"

Indeed. Apparently they wanted to know "what their brains looked like" - some churlish and cruel cynics might suggest it came as a surprise to discover a brain, but the Ranter eschews such petty vitriol. A TSA spokesman, Mike Fierberg, said "It was just someone doing something stupid." Indeed. One wonders if they would recognise a weapon were they to come across one..."Hey, that's a really neat Osama bin Laden costume, sir!"

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