Friday, February 13, 2004

Pressure builds for action over gangmasters

BBC NEWS | Politics | Clampdown call for 'gangmasters'

Now John Denham, a Home Office minister who resigned over Iraq, is shouting about new legislation on gangmasters. "John Denham says employers of illegal labour should face the seizure of their profits, in the way that drug dealers, can have their assets confiscated."

Right on, but this all sounds terribly stabledoorish. This was one of the things that we - oops. They. I still haven't adjusted to leaving the Party - should have done on the 1st of May, 1997. Instead we came up with Operation Gangmaster, of which the Commons Environment Committee (why?) said: "Nobody could give us a comprehensive picture of what Operation Gangmaster does, how much it has spent and what it has achieved" Fantastic. It's not as if no-one was warned, even if by a Tory, or if you prefer by Panorama, and it's not as if the unions didn't point this out.

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