Thursday, February 12, 2004

On Nicosia, sewers and the like - the references

For the commenter who wanted documentation for my post on Nicosia, its sewers and ways towards peace.

The Guardian
Cyprus Conflict(note - I don't guarantee this)

Despite much googling, it seems very difficult to grip a general account of the story. Numerous passing references abound, but there is little detail. Most search results seem to be multiples of the same EIB and UN tender documents. And - funny this! - by purest coincidence, you can only search the Foreign Office website for documents after the 1st of May, 1997. What could possibly have brought that about?

Mind you, from the limited information available, it would seem that I was the author of an imperialist myth. It was no Victorian "colonial engineer", but someone else entirely as the system was inaugurated just before war in 1974.

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