Sunday, May 17, 2009

things are getting better in Iraq, for some values of better, for some values of Iraq...

Things are getting better in Iraq. If you're mercenaries-turned-oil pushers Tim Spicer and Anthony Buckingham, that is! Heritage Oil has, indeed, struck oil. Up to 4.2 billion barrels of the stuff. This is of course very much subject to drilling, and even more so to Kurdish/Baghdad politics.

If you're trying to distribute wheelchairs, however, not so much. Nor if you worked for the British Government or its agents in Iraq, as David Miliband is insistent that there must be no more claimants by Tuesday. After the last post I did on this, I've contacted my MP; have you?

(If yours has strung themselves up from their tax-funded sexercise suite or drowned themselves in their moat, consider yourself excused.)

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