Saturday, May 02, 2009

...but there's lots of girls with peroxide curls and the black & tan flows free

A data point from Germany. You may recall the debate regarding whether or not it was possible for the 7th July bombers to have concentrated their own hydrogen peroxide without needing special equipment; Dsquared took it to the point of carrying out dubious experiments in his freezer.

It seems that the so-called Sauerland group of wannabe terrorists actually attempted to boil the 730 kgs of peroxide they had collected. According to last Wednesday's Berliner Zeitung, they did this with the help of two large stainless steel pans, and when they failed to observe progress they assumed that the peroxide was reacting with the metal.

In fact they had been jarked, and the peroxide swapped for much more dilute peroxide by the police. (Their reaction was surprising, as they were aware of police surveillance.) The story, for German-speakers, is here; the police claim they switched the material at least partly for fear that the suspects would blow themselves up in their kitchen and thus wreck the case.

So, trying to reduce your own peroxide; still not wise, but they do try it.

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