Saturday, May 07, 2005

They just won't stop it!

AFP via Le Monde reports on yet more Greek/Turkish sabrerattling and playing with high-performance jets. According to the Greeks, no less than fifty-six Turkish aircraft were involved in some 16 frontier violations (never mind the maths!), including 40 F-16s and 16 F-4 Phantoms, of which 8 aircraft (type not given) were armed. (The original report says 60 aircraft, 40 of one and 16 of the other, but as I said, never mind the maths!)

According to the Greek foreign ministry, relations between the two countries have improved in the last six years!

My editor is off to the Greek islands this week, so I must remind him to look up and take earplugs. But certainly not a camera. Nuh. Can anyone suggest to me a more wasteful and silly carrying on than this nonsense?

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