Thursday, May 05, 2005

Admin notice

Right. I've been a split-brain blogger for the last month, putting all my election stuff over at General Election '05. After tonight, there will be more TYR. There is some interesting news to come on what, exactly, is going on in the Yemen.

On that theme, you will probably be pleased to know that our occasional reader and long-term enemy Richard Chichakli's house was raided by the FBI this week. They yanked the hard drives from his computers to study, seized a safe full of diamonds (you can't make these guys up), and were very surprised when Viktor Bout's brother Sergei phoned Dick up during the raid to find out how things were going. (Hi! I...can't really talk just at the moment..yeah, I'll get back to you when I have a moment..please not the taser again!, brrr)

And - here's interesting - someone at The Times paid a visit to this site searching for "asterias commercial sa trouble". AC is, readers will recall, the Greek-flag, Ukraine-based shellco opened up late last year to receive the aircraft from Aerocom.

Tonight, I will probably be posting to GE05 fairly frequently. I won't promise formal liveblogging, but expect reports once I get away from watching the poll for my local Lib Dems sometime after 2200.

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