Saturday, May 28, 2005

An-12 Crash

People will be searching for this, so just to cover...

An Antonov-12 aircraft was destroyed in the DRC on Thursday, with a reported loss of 27 lives. As far as I know, the registration was 9Q-CVG, which if true belongs to a Boeing 707 last heard of being scrapped in Kinshasa, ex-Hewa Bora Airways. The An12 was said to be operating for something called Air Victoria (hmmm...). The dead included four Russian, or Ukrainian depending on report, aircrew and 22 nameless passengers. It's rough when they don't even give you a nationality.

I don't at the moment have any data about owners or even a truthful registration, so I won't mention you-know-who. It's reported that both engines failed, tho' the status of this information is dubious.

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