Saturday, May 07, 2005

Congo Incident

I've been handed the report that an Antonov 26 belonging to something called "Kisangani Air List" has been crashed in the DRC by our esteemed colleague Soj. Rather, Soj handed me the report. She didn't crash the Antonov 26, or at least I don't think so. At the moment, I can offer little further information expect that "List" is a typo, it should be Kisangani Air Lift. This outfit was created sometime this year, and its only known aircraft was the one that crashed. Apparently it was leased from "Aeroworld", but I have yet to trace any company of that name. There is a World Aero Airways in Kisangani, though, started this year, which possesses one aircraft, an An-26B registered EK-26060, serial no. 17311107. Its past includes various small operators in the CIS and a period with "private users" in Kyrgyzstan.

Various media reports disagree on key points, some of them stating it was leased to, not from, "Aeroworld" which might anyway really be called "Euroworld". However, no operating airline of that name exists either - it is however the old (pre-1992) name for BA's subsidiary Cityflyer Express. I suspect the disagreement is down to mistranslation as there seems to be a majority of each version in different languages.

Everyone seems to agree it was an aeroplane, that it crashed, and that ten people were killed. Four of them are described as being Russian and making up the crew. One "Rayomon Mokeni" is quoted by all sources as the airline's president, however who he may be is a blank.

I don't think this helps any, but thar ye go.

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