Saturday, April 09, 2005

Read and Enjoyed in the Corridors of Power (2)

As well as the Elysee Palace, many other interesting folk crop up in my stats log. People who google for "obscure gay wank". People who search for "Dzungarian Gate railway". (I'm result no.9. How cool is that?)

People who work for the Office of the US Secretary of Defence. Yes,, that means you. On that theme, I also get readers from the US Air Force Academy, the USAF 7th Communications Group (whose whois record gives their address as "1600 Pentagon"), Halliburton Corp., the International Civil Aviation Organisation, and the North Derbyshire Chamber of Commerce.

I know this blog will never achieve the hit counts Kos does, or for that matter Nick Barlow, especially now I'm pressed for blog time. But I think it has quality, and I really hope the OSD reader is Donald Rumsfeld.

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