Friday, April 22, 2005

ASBOs: the power of one

A week ago, I asked exactly who had experienced the fear, harassment or distress that led to anti-Menwith Hill campaigner Lindis Percy being slapped with an ASBO. I now know something about this: the body that applied for the ASBO was the Ministry of Defence. Just think - one old lady committed on pain of hell fire to nonviolence could commit fear, harassment and distress to the entire British armed forces and over 100,000 bureaucrats, armed with everything from SA80 rifles (not that they go off) to strategic ballistic missiles as nuclear as hell. And all that by protesting outside an installation where nobody actually works for the MOD. Nuh. They used to be mostly NSA civvie spooks, but my last information said many more uniforms were in evidence. Either way, you'll find more guys ballin' and throwing out pitches than laikin' Rugby League.

Now, I wasn't aware that you could have an ASBO solely on the word of a thing, rather than a human being. Or perhaps the MOD lawyers found someone (perhaps themselves) to fill in the papers.

Whatever, I think it will be well worth knowing who was behind it. Calls and FOIARs will follow on Monday.

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