Saturday, April 02, 2005

Brief Update/Revision: TYR Responds to Just Criticism

I've been informed that electronic tags may be a more robust system than I implied in my post on Mahmoud Abu Rideh, the terrorist who's only dangerous at night. Apparently, there are indeed tags that use GSM methods to give constant coverage. I'm sorry if anyone got arrested following my advice.

But, whatever tags are in use elsewhere, the story of the Nottingham murders makes clear that a) the ones in use there are dependent on a landline phone and b) they don't work. The fact the lad had removed the tag was only discovered six days later - not from the tag, but because a pal of his ratted on him to a probation officer. So, trying again - if you're going to be tagged in Nottingham, pull the phone line out.

Amusingly enough, the real things complete with GSM circuitry, it seems, had to be altered before use in some cases: naturally, they needed to paint out the Made in Israel notice before attaching it to the suspected Muslim terrorist...

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