Thursday, April 14, 2005

Farah Has Some Viktor Bout News

Doug Farah reports on some developments regarding Viktor Bout in the Bosnian War. Now, I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear he was involved - in fact, it would have been very strange if he wasn't. And his ability to deal with all sides in a conflict is shown in Afghanistan and Angola. But I think it's very unlikely that he supplied the Chechens, if only for the very simple reason that the Russians have undisputed air supremacy and full radar coverage there - if he was doing so, he wouldn't be any more, unless there was some reason to let him off. I wonder if this story, attributed to "a European intelligence source", isn't an effort to link him with Russia's enemies? He has always been close to Russian spooks, so this might be one unofficial way to get at him.

By the way, I welcome the chap at who read over 12 pages of the archives. Look, if you'd just Googled you wouldn't be in this trouble. Hope you like the blog.

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