Sunday, March 15, 2009

quack quack oops

The Guardian leaps in on the Nemesysco lie-detector crapware story, and misses; notably, they are apparently too chicken to point out that they are claiming to get 129 dimensions of data from only two actual measurements. This wouldn't even involve the Lacerda/Eriksson paper; it would just involve reading their published statements and the content of the patent they filed. There is, as usual, almost too much more at the Ministry.

Given that, it's no surprise they don't mention the fact that the licensee of Nemesysco's poxy "software" in the UK is none other than Capita, the IT-service firm known to millions as Crapita, whose CEO Rod Aldridge was elevated to the peerage after lending the Labour Party a ton of money. Further, the paper let a representative of Nemesysco/Digilog/whatever it's called this week get away with arguing that it's impossible to test the effectiveness of their product, which is such a classic quack's excuse it's almost an admission of guilt.

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