Saturday, March 07, 2009


I've put my mobile version of FixMyStreet for Symbian S60 devices up on SourceForge at You can check out the source code from SourceForge's subversion repository by doing "svn co fixmys60" or whatever your client likes.

The current version requires GPS to work and sends the reports to Matthew Somerville's test FMS server rather than the production one, for reasons that ought to be obvious. It's written in Python and is released under the Eclipse licence because I think the Nokia Python modules are. To do: get the thing signed and packaged as a SISX file so we can actually test it out. Further, I need to extend it to cope with no-GPS situations, probably using something like geonames to convert addresses/postcodes to OS references, those to get map tiles from TilMa, and then having the user correct them in an embedded browser.

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